Apply for Human Mobility Initiative Fund

Deadline Date: February 22, 2024

Donor Name: Oxfam

Grant Size: $10,000 to $100,000

Oxfam is launching the Human Mobility Initiative Fund to influence national, regional, and international policies to ensure that migration is recognized as a natural phenomenon that can be managed humanely and, in a way that respects and prioritizes human rights.


  • The general objective of the HMIF’s Call for Proposals is to support migrants/refugees-led organizations and front-line migrants/refugees’ rights organizations in their work together on influencing and jointly advancing a transformative migration policy agenda by:
    • Ensuring that migrants and refugees’ rights are respected, and they have access to local and sustainable solutions respecting their rights and dignity, reducing potential conflict with hosting communities.
    • Promoting the deliberate and systematic inclusion of the perspectives, needs and recommendations of local refugee, migrant, front-line and migrant/refugee women’s rights organizations into policymaking.

Thematic Priorities and Activities

  • Types of projects that can be funded under this call are:
    • Evidence-based research/data collection and analysis
    • Migrants/refugees’ rights advocacy and campaigns.
  • Examples of research/advocacy topics are included below. However, please note that applicants can suggest other topics that are relevant to refugee/migrant rights in their context/ locality.
    • The multiple drivers of human mobility (conflict, food insecurity, violence, climate change, inequalities etc.).
    • Legal Status & rights (recognition of legal status; access to documentation; ability to claim asylum, access to legal services; involuntary/forced return; pushbacks; human rights violations; border violence etc.).
    • Externalization of migration policies and impact of such policies on migrants/refugees/host countries and host communities.
    • Pushbacks: denial of the right to cross a border to seek asylum or being pushed back from a border or from a European territory without being allowed to make a claim for protection.

Funding Information

  • The total funds available for grants for the Human Mobility Fund are 170,000 EUR.
  • Each grant should be ranging from a minimum of 20,000 EUR to a maximum of 30,000 EUR.
  • The duration of a project should be between a minimum of six months to a maximum of nine months, starting from the date of approval.


  • The main outcomes the HMI is aiming to achieve are:
    • The deliberate and systematic consideration and inclusion of the perspectives, needs and recommendations of local refugee, migrant, host community and women’s rights organizations are shaping the policymaking.
    • Displaced persons are protected, their rights respected, and they have access to local and sustainable solutions that consider the rights and dignity of refugees/ migrants and that of hosting communities.
    • Global, regional, and national policies and practices on human mobility are strengthened through a principled and rights-based approach that recognize and harnesses human mobility’s potential for development.
    • The links between displacement and other global issues such as climate change, inequalities, and civic space, are understood and prioritized by donors, humanitarian, and development actors.

Geographical Scope

  • This is a global call, and open to all regions including Africa, Americas, Middle East, and Europe. However, countries where Oxfam has an operational office and/or program will be prioritized.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be allowed to apply for the funds, all the following eligibility criteria should be met by the applicant:
    • Non-profit nature and valid registration: Be a non-profit making organisation with a valid registration in at least one of the countries where the project will be implemented.
      • Exceptionally unregistered organizations/groups or organisations with invalid registration certificates (ex. expired) might be allowed to apply if they demonstrate that their lack of registration is due to legal and informal restrictions which account for violations of civil society’s rights
    • Current Bank Account: To have/be able to open a bank account in the organisation’s name.
    • Prior relevant experience: Demonstrate prior experience of at least one (1) year implementing activities related to migrants/refugees’ rights.
    • Tax and social legislation compliance: Comply with the requirements of applicable tax and social legislation in the country.
    • Involvement in harmful activities: The applicant is not in any way involved in activities such as arms dealing, tobacco, alcohol, and gambling industries, registered in so-called tax-havens, or involved in; environmental or human rights abuses or corruption.
    • Prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse: The organization is taking all appropriate measures to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse.

For more information, visit Oxfam.

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