Applications open for ISC2 Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarships

 Deadline Date: February 29, 2024

 Donor Name: Center for Cyber Safety and Education

 Grant Size: $1000 to $10,000

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education is accepting applications for the Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarships.

Award Information

  • Up to ten scholarships will be awarded. Each scholarship award will be between $1,000 – $5,000
  • If awarded: the funds will be sent to the school with instructions that it be applied to tuition, fees, books and required materials. Recipients do not receive award funds.
  • Awards must be accepted within three (3) weeks of award notification. If the award has not been accepted, it will be awarded to another applicant.
  • Awards do not renew. You will need to reapply each year in order to be considered for another award.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be pursuing, or plan to pursue, a degree with a focus on cybersecurity, information assurance or similar field in the fall of 2024.
  • Must be pursuing an associates, undergraduate, graduate, or post graduate degree in 2024.
  • GPA must be at least 3.3 on a 4.0 scale (or an analogous rank based on a comparable scale).
  • You may be a citizen of any country (US citizenship not required).
  • May be attending on campus or online.
  • May be attending full time or part time.
  • May be attending in the US or Internationally.
  • You do not currently need to be enrolled, however no awards will be disbursed until the recipient is enrolled in a college or university.                             

For more information, visit Center for Cyber Safety and Education.

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