Cyber Startup Accelerator Program

Deadline Date: February 25, 2024

Donor Name: MACH37

Grant Size: Not Available

MACH37 runs a 12-week accelerator program for early stage startup companies who are developing cyber related products and services and are ready to take their business to the next level through expanding their networks, learning key business approaches and seeking investment.

Beyond cyber security, MACH37 seeks companies who specialize in artificial Intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, quantum computing and encryption, space, cyber physical systems, Internet of things, industrial controls and other cyber related areas. The pillars of the MACH37 program include:

  • Agile Entrepreneurship – Fostering entrepreneurship and methods of innovation at the speed of business, with heavy emphasis on the Lean Startup methodology
  • Bridging Ecosystems – Connecting partners across ecosystems, sectors, organizations and people
  • Problem Solving – Filling the critical need for viable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems
  • Tech Discovery – Identifying over-the-horizon technology and trends in cyber sectors
  • Wellbeing – Building the wellbeing of the founders, teams and community members to foster richer experiences, partnerships and outcomes.

The accelerator program is designed to provide a virtual and flexible learning experience to accommodate participants from various locations and with different schedules. The program is structured to have select sessions on specific days each week, primarily in the morning for those on the East coast, to facilitate engagement and collaboration.

They recognize the importance of flexibility, which allows participants to effectively balance their commitments within the accelerator program and the day-to-day operations of their businesses. Assignments within the program are thoughtfully crafted to be practical and applicable, emphasizing applied work over busy work.

Each cohort typically consists of approximately 8 startups, fostering a close-knit and collaborative community. The accelerator program spans a duration of approximately 90 days, during which founders and their teams have the opportunity to gain valuable insights, refine their business strategies, and establish meaningful connections.

What is the deal that MACH37 offers to companies that participate in its program?

  • Will there be financial investment involved? Companies that enter MACH37 provide 5% equity to MACH37’s parent company, VentureScope.

What resources will be available?

  • MACH37 offers access to a wealth of resources. Primary among these are the dedicated team from VentureScope, a mentor network comprising over 400 individuals, and supportive alumni. They offer a variety of fringe benefits through the GAN Network that include discounts from AWS, Google, SAP, Microsoft, and many others.

For more information, visit MACH37.

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