DARE TO RISE Impact Contest – Apply Now!

Deadline Date: February 25, 2024

Donor Name: European Handball Federation

Grant Size: Not Available

The DARE TO RISE Impact Contest, initiated by EHF Marketing, offers a unique and impactful opportunity for startups and organizations to contribute to the evolution of European club handball.

The contest calls for innovators to propose ideas and solutions that can make a positive and meaningful impact on the sport.

The DARE TO RISE Impact Contest is designed to attract start-ups and companies interested in making their mark on the world of handball. This contest presents three distinct challenges, each with the potential to significantly impact the EHF Champions League Competitions and EHF FINAL4 events.

  • Innovation
    • EHF FINAL4s stand for innovative technologies and services for the fans, stakeholders.
    • Apply to help them creating more ground-breaking EHF FINAL4 Events in Budapest & Cologne.
    • This challenge can be tackled from various ankles and perspective. Products around media production, content creation, fan engagement as well as VR, AI, and other emerging technologies.
  • ESG
    • They are focusing on positive environmental and social impact while hosting the best handball in Europe.
    • Help them finding solutions to increase the positive contribution and create long lasting benefits for all the EHF Champions League host-cities.
    • Solutions that either help reducing carbon emissions or wasting resources are wanted as well as initiatives and ideas to actively create positive impact within the topics gender equality, inclusivity, and health.
  • Wildcard
    • The EHF Club Competitions are home most genius players in handball. They are looking for commercial ideas so bright and innovative, they could not even put them into a category.
    • Show them your creativity to elevate events in every playing hall in Europe.
    • The challenge field is wide open. Every idea that enables the EHF Club competitions to create the most exciting and engaging events is wanted.


  • Applicants in All Countries can apply.
  • Nine start-ups will be shortlisted for the DARE TO RISE Impact Contest, earning a coveted position in the realm of sports business and an association with the prestigious EHF Champions League handball.
  • The contest provides extensive media coverage, shining a spotlight on each innovative start-up. These nine start-ups will also feature in the contest playoffs.
  • These contest playoffs will define the top 3, which will receive dedicated media articles, exclusive access to the EHF FINAL4s in Cologne & Budapest, and a speaker slot at the esteemed European Handball Talks – an official side event that promises unparalleled exposure.
  • The ultimate winner of the DARE TO RISE Impact Contest will walk away with a prize money which is still to be announced, as well as tickets granting access to VIP areas at the EHF FINAL4s 2024.
  • Their success will be further highlighted with visibility around the gamedays, reaching an audience of over 40,000 on-site spectators.

For more information, visit European Handball Federation.

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