FIBA Photo Contest “Basketball For Good” (7th Edition)

Deadline Date: February 21, 2024

Donor Name: FIBA Foundation

Grant Size: Not Available

MIES (Switzerland) – The FIBA Foundation is thrilled to announce the 7th edition of the FIBA Photo Contest – celebrating Basketball For Good on the occasion of the inaugural World Basketball Day.

The FIBA Photo Contest is a unique opportunity for all keen photographers and basketball lovers to show their talents and love for the game.


  • The theme for this edition is “Basketball For Good” to honor the sport’s power to transcend borders, cultures, capabilities, and languages. It serves as an educational tool, a common playground where people from different backgrounds can come together, bond and communicate with each other, creating connections, promoting values, breaking down barriers, and thereby contributing to peace and well-being.


  • The top three winners will be awarded valuable photographic equipment, and the opportunity to be the official photographer of the 2024 FIBA Open with free accommodation and travel for the great winner. The top 100 photos will be published in the 2023 FIBA Photo Book.
  • This year, the FIBA Photo Contest will also introduce a public vote to determine the public’s favorite photo. The winner of this category will also receive photographic equipment and her/his photo will be published in the FIBA Photo Book.

Eligibility Criteria

  • From 3 onwards, girls and boys, amateurs and pros, everyone can play!
  • Each year Special Olympics athletes are invited to participate. They also facilitate the inclusion of refugees in the tournament.

For more information, visit FIBA Foundation.

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