KAAD Scholarship Programme 1

You can apply for KAAD Scholarship Programme 1 if you:

  • come from and currently reside in a developing or emerging country in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America,
  • have a university degree and professional experience in your home country
  • would like to pursue a Master’s degree, a PhD or other postgraduate studies, or are planning a post-doc or a research stay (2-6 months for academics) at a German university
  • are of Catholic denomination (or generally belong to a Christian denomination, especially for applicants from the Near and Middle East). Applicants of another religion can be funded if they are proposed by Catholic partners in view of a documentable willingness to engage in interreligious dialogue.
  • have German language skills prior to entry (KAAD can provide for a German language course of max. 6 months in Germany).

What do we expect from you?

  • an above-average performance potential for studies or research,
  • orientation of studies or research towards a permanent reintegration into the respective home region (otherwise the scholarship is considered a loan),
  • religious and social commitment or willingness to engage in inter-religious dialogue
  • German language skills of at least level B1 (or at least A2 in the case of English-language degree programmes) for participation in our compulsory educational programme. Preparatory German courses in the home country are expected. In addition, there is the possibility to apply for a language course (full-time or during studies).

Apply here kaad-application.de

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