SCG Bangkok Business Challenge 2024

Deadline Date: March 29, 2024

Donor Name: Sasin School of Management

Grant Size: $10,000 to $100,000

Undergraduates and postgraduates from all disciplines around the world, both business and non-business related, are welcome to apply for the Bangkok Business Challenge 2024, Asia’s Longest-running Global Student Startup Competition.


  • Scalable New Venture Creation
    • To encourage scalable new venture creation by instilling entrepreneurial spirit into graduates’ minds and planting the seeds of entrepreneurship and innovation within institutions of higher learning
  • International Platform
    • To provide an international platform in which representatives from all programs across the globe compete, learn from each other, and foster a stronger network
  • Commercial Value For R&D Efforts
    • To create commercial value for R&D efforts, especially those originating from university research centers
  • Business Matching Platform
    • To provide a business matching platform for startups, potential partners, and investors
  • Sustainability
    • To bring sustainability concerns to a mainstream commercial venture


  • Global Competition Winner
    • US$ 18,000
  • Cash Prize for Winner Institute
    • US$ 2,000
  • First Runner-Up
    • US$ 3,000
  • Sustainability Award Winner
    • US$ 5,000
  • 3 Sustainability Award Finalists
    • (US$ 500 each)
  • 4 Finalists
    • (US$ 1,000 each)
  • 20 Semi-finalists
    • (US$ 300 each)
  • 4 Best Business Plan
    • (US$ 300 each)
  • 4 Best Presentation
    • (US$ 300 each)
  • KBank 60-Second Pitch Winner
    • US$ 1,000


  • The proposed venture must be of an independent and scalable seed-stage startup seeking to raise external capital, and must address the entire business concept, including implementation and financial projection. Ventures that have generated revenue or raised external capital (beyond family and friends) exceeding US$100k prior to the 2023 calendar year (January 1st, 2023) are NOT eligible. Proposals for buy-out, expansion or development of an existing business, tax-shelter opportunities, real estate syndications, subsidiaries, franchisees and other consulting projects or analyses are NOT eligible. A venture that does not conform to this rule above will be immediately disqualified.
  • Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, all participants must attend in person to be considered part of the competition
  • The venture size, in terms of funding required from outside investors (including the current ask), must be at least US$500k. Methods of financing may be combined among bootstrapping, grants, angel/venture capital investments, and debt. A venture that does not conform to this rule above will have 10% deducted from the total presentation score in the relevant round
  • The proposed venture must NOT be one that has previously competed in the presentation rounds of the Bangkok Business Challenge before
  • All currencies used throughout the competition must be in US Dollars only
  • In all cases, the judges’ decision is final

Team Eligibility

  • All currently enrolled students, and graduated students who maintained student status in the 2023 calendar year, are eligible to participate (full-time, part-time, undergraduate, or postgraduate students)
  • Each team must contain TWO to FIVE members in total (excluding the faculty advisor)
  • Each team may have up to ONE non-student member in the team essential to the venture
  • Each team must have the support of ONE faculty advisor from the institution the team represents, and must have at least one of the members be currently enrolled in this institution

For more information, visit Sasin School of Management.

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