Funding available for Craft and Design Projects in Denmark and Abroad

Deadline Date: March 11, 2024

Donor Name: Danish Arts Foundation

Grant Size: $10,000 to $100,000

Danish Arts Foundation is offering grants to support projects for and with Danish craft and design in Denmark and abroad.

Purpose of the Program

  • The purpose of the fund is to promote artistic quality within contemporary Danish craft and design through grants for projects.

Funding Information

If you receive a grant of:

  • DKK 100,000 or less, the money will be paid as closely as possible to the start date that you have stated for your expense period. Therefore, you should adjust the start date for your project with the date when your first expenses for the project are due.
  • More than DKK 100,000 with a project period longer than six months, they will pay the money in instalments.

Who may apply?

  • The Committee for Craft and Design Project Funding funds artists, designers, curators, authors, promoters, museums, galleries and others with an interest in developing and promoting craft and design in Denmark and Danish craft and design abroad in the form of projects.
  • Examples of projects that the committee may fund include:
    • Exhibition and promotion projects that involve works by contemporary artists and designers in Denmark and/or abroad.
    • Residencies
    • Production of works
    • Projects that exhibit an aesthetic potential and deep understanding of a craft, materials and sensuousness, and projects that are centred on concrete design solutions to specific problems or projects that are more immaterial or critical in nature.
    • Presentation and all types of dissemination (verbal, written, visual, digital and printed) of the works of contemporary Danish artists and designers to a relevant audience, including the funding of travel and residencies in connection with specific exhibitions and tasks
    • Funding for establishing a business and international cooperation on the production of new types of Danish craft and design products that contribute to demonstrating the special identity and profile of the craft or design
    • Editorial content production for different media: reviews, articles, dissemination of academic research projects etc.

For more information, visit Danish Arts Foundation.

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