International Sports Groundbreakers Challenge

Deadline Date: March 18, 2024

 Donor Name: Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC)

 Grant Size: $1000 to $10,000

Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC), in partnership with Sport Singapore (SportSG), is launching the International Sports Groundbreakers Challenge.

Through this Challenge, they aim to reduce information asymmetry and search costs for solution providers, by getting the ecosystem to address real business challenges/problems that buyers are hoping to resolve. In the process, they also wish to identify the best sport-tech projects and/or companies around the world.

These problem statements span across topics on Business Insights; Fan Engagement; High Performance, Fitness & Health; Media & Sponsorship; Smart Venues & Sustainability.

Prize Details

Prizes include:

  • The opportunity to implement a pilot project at a sports events and/or facilities supported by the problem statement owners who are part of this Challenge;
  • A prize money of SGD$10,000 sponsored by SportSG for each finalist participant (up to 10 participants in total), on the condition that these winning participants either already have their offices incorporated and based in Singapore or they plan to open an office in Singapore within three months of the announcement of winners. Additionally, SGD$5,000/SGD$3,000/SGD$2,000 for the top 3 winners of the final (SGD$5,000 for the best solution, SGD$3,000 for the second solution, SGD$2,000 for the third solution).
  • The opportunity to be part of the PR and marketing materials to promote the solution.
  • The opportunity to showcase the solution in the GSIC Experience Centre in both Singapore and Madrid.
  • The opportunity to get additional benefits directly from the sport entity involved in the challenge.

Participation Requirements

  • This call is open to all companies, irrespective of their size or geographical location, that possess the capability to employ technological innovations in addressing any of the problem statements presented in this Challenge.
  • Companies may participate in the challenge if they meet all of the following requirements:
    • Be a legally created company, or part of a research group in a university, from any part of the world;
    • Have a dedicated full-time team to work on the proposed solution(s);
    • Have previous experience in building innovative and technology based solutions;
    • The individuals working on the proposal must be of legal age in their respective jurisdictions. At the time when proposals are submitted, they must not be employees of SportSG or GSIC; and
    • The participants can apply to solve up to three problem statements for this challenge.
  • Applicants who do not fulfill any of the requirement(s) listed above will not be eligible for the Competition. GSIC reserve(s) the right to disqualify any application that does not adhere to the Basis of Participation for this Competition.

For more information, visit GSIC.

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