Drawing of the Year Awards 2024

Deadline Date: March 10, 2024

Donor Name: Archisource

Grant Size: $10,000 to $100,000


Archisource has announced the Drawing of the Year Awards in visual representations spanning across architecture, design and the built environment.

Marking the fifth year, the widely recognised Awards have become one of the largest and most accessible visual award series of its kind showcasing the most accomplished works from around the world by professionals and students.

Award Categories

  • To mark the fifth year of the Drawing of the Year Awards, they are introducing a new way of recognising excellence through six new Award Categories structured by creative process – ‘the big six’.
  • They are also introducing a new array of specialised Commendations, which will focus on recognising works based on genres and specific topics, covering but not limited to: disciplines, project ideas, sustainability to design excellence.
  • Each year the Archisource Awards Committee invite and elect an independent judging panel of experts within architecture and design. The works will be judged on: originality of approach, style and/or content; use of media and the graphic and aesthetic quality; ability to represent and communicate intent or narrative; extent of impact and proposition. All submitted works are entered into all the categories.
    • Drawing of the Year Award (The Drawing of the Year Award is brought to you in partnership with Affinity)
      • Awarded to an outstanding drawing or series of drawings of exemplar quality. This award recognises the most accomplished imagery across all mediums and styles. The judges are looking for drawings that excel in their creative representations, originality, mastery of media, narrative and purpose.
    • Digital Drafting Award (The Digital Drafting Award 2024 is brought to you in partnership with Bentley’s MicroStation)
      • Awarded to a standout representation of exemplar quality demonstrating excellence across 2D/3D digital drafting. This award recognises all types of drawings and this genre seeks to find the most accomplished drawings across all produced through the creative process of 2D/3D CAD, BIM to other digital drafting software in any style.
    • Digital Media Award
      • Awarded to an outstanding drawing which excels within the field and process of digital media. The Awards spans all types of drawings and digital mediums recognising standout works across illustrative, collage, to digital hand drawings created in any style, showcasing those that have truly excelled with their approach to digital media production and digital creative approach.
    • Hand Drawn Award (The Hand Drawn Award 2024 is brought to you in partnership with LEUCHTTURM1917)
      • This Award recognises the technique and process of exemplar hand drawing skill. The category spans works created across physical (analogue) and digital media methods where hand techniques have been fundamental to the creative process. The award recognises the most accomplished visual hand communicators and those that have achieved great levels of representation through hand drawn techniques.
    • Mixed Media Award
      • Awarded to a standout representation of exemplar quality demonstrating excellence of craft and representation across multiple media from physical (analogue) to digital media. This award recognises all types of representations and seeks to award those that have achieved captivating visual creations that bridge between two or more media methods.
    • Visualisation Award (The Visualisation Award 2024 is brought to you in partnership with Chaos)
      • Awarded to a standout visualisation of exemplar quality. The award recognises the most accomplished visualised imagery that excel as key mechanisms for representation. The judges will assess imagery holistically with particular focus on composition, lighting, atmosphere, materiality and narrative. The purpose of this award is to celebrate visualisations as a fundamental tool within creative industries and to showcase their power in conveying ideas, narratives and proposals.

Prize Information

  • £100,000 in Prizes: Enter your best drawings to win an amazing range of prizes
  • Over £55,000 worth of prizes across six Award categories
  • Plus Affinity V2 Universal Licences for all Shortlisted entries.
  • Win the ultimate studio set up with software, creative tools + studio essentials:
    • This year they are collaborating with another exciting collection of partners to offer some amazing prizes including; bespoke trophies in collaboration with Nature Squared, Affinity V2 Universal Licences, 12 Month Subscription Licences to: MicroStation, Chaos V-Ray / Enscape, and Vectorworks! Massive array of notebooks and sketchbooks from LEUCHTTURM1917, lighting designs by Tala, timeless furniture from GAZZDA including a desk, chair and side table, reMarkable 2 writing tablets, smart phones by NOTHING and CMF smart watches, Headphones by AIAIAI, Huion pen displays, giant stationery bundles from Winsor & Newton, sustainable desiner bags by QWSTION and an amazing array of creative books from Thames & Hudson.
  • International Recognition
    • The Drawing of the Year is a widely-recognised, aspirational award series for the architecture and design community.
  • + International Publication for the Shortlist
    • The winners and commendations will be published internationally to hundreds of thousands across the website, social media and as part of the Virtual Exhibition.
  • + Official Certification
    • Certificates will be available for all participants including special editions for the Shortlist and Longlist after the winner announcement.


  • .jpg or .jpeg formats
  • 10mb maximum file size
  • You must credit all authors
  • Submissions must relate to or convey architecture, design or the built environment
  • Works using (AI) Artificial Intelligence as the primary method of creation are not permitted

Who can apply?

  • They truly believe in the power of drawings and the Drawing of the Year Awards celebrates the very best talents across the world.
  • Enter your best works for the opportunity to be recognised amongst the top creative talents around the world.

For more information, visit Archisource.

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