Journalist-in-Residence Fellowship Program

Deadline Date: March 18, 2024

 Donor Name: Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS)

 Grant Size: $1000 to $10,000

The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS) has announced the Journalist-in-Residence Fellowship for journalists who need a period of uninterrupted time to finish an extensive piece of work.

The Programe is a collaboration between NIAS and the Funds Bijzondere Journalistieke Projectien. Journalists at NIAS benefit from being able to work without interruption as well being part of the academic environment at NIAS with a wide range of disciplines from the humanities and social sciences. The view is that sharing ideas with scholars from the humanities, social sciences and other disciplines can inform a journalist’s work. In this way this Fellowship contributes to the production of in-depth journalistic writing.

Stipends and Dutch University Grants

NIAS Fellows can apply for financial support under specific circumstances.

  • Stipend
    • Personal stipends are offered to fellows without an affiliation and fellows from outside the Netherlands. Fellows are granted a monthly stipend of €2.500- per month. This amount should cover essential expenses during the fellowship. The stipend is paid directly to the fellow.
  • Dutch University Grant
    • Fellows affiliated to Dutch universities who continue to receive their salary, can apply for a Dutch University Grant. This grant is meant for Dutch universities only and are provided to compensate for some of the costs that the university might make to free the fellow from his/her obligations during the period of the fellowship. This grant of €2.500- per month is paid to the university directly.
  • Additional funding
    • Additional financial support is available to fellows from low income countries, who receive a full time salary below €2.500- per month. The details of additional financial support will be a tailor-made agreement between NIAS and the fellow.


  • Own office space in the center of Amsterdam
  • Daily communal lunch
  • Access to the library service
  • Weekly academic activities
  • Significant expansion of your international and academic network
  • For applicants for whom the travel time (one way) from station to station is one and a half hours or more, housing can be offered at a subsidized rate. This does not apply to applicants with a shorter travel time.

Who can apply for a journalist-in-residence grant?

  • You can apply for a residency at NIAS if you are working on a large project that is already somewhat advanced and would benefit from an interdisciplinary academic and international exchange.
  • Both freelance and employed journalists are eligible. If you are employed, you must take unpaid leave. By journalists they also mean podcast makers, documentary makers, photojournalists, etc. The rule is that the project is journalistic in nature; with journalistic methods, an open mind and journalistic questions.

For more information ,visit NIAS.

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