Women’s Venture Competition – Apply Now!

Deadline Date: March 15, 2024

Donor Name: AIM-HI Accelerator Fund

Grant Size: Not Available

The 2024 AIM-HI Women’s Venture Competition is now open to women-led oncology companies worldwide!

Women’s Venture Competition: Partnering with the National Foundation for Cancer Research, this initiative empowers women scientist-entrepreneurs in oncology.

All submitted applications will be reviewed and screened by the Selection Committee based on the quality of applications. 6-8 semi-finalists will be chosen and invited to compete in front of a Judging Committee to select finalists who will be recognized and awarded honorariums and certificates.

An Investment Committee will conduct detailed due diligence research on the finalists to determine whether an investment will be made based on the technology platform merits, cancer patient impact, and potential for return on investment. The company that passes the due diligence process will receive up to $1 million in investment from AIM-HI and co-investors.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Women-led oncology companies seeking pre-seed, seed, and Series A investments are eligible to apply.
  • The company must have a woman in senior leadership, who has an equity stake – could be Founder or C-level executive. The applying company must have technology ownership in place.

For more information, visit AIM-HI Accelerator Fund.

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