Venture Labs: An Online Accelerator Program for Founders with Disabilities

Deadline Date: March 18, 2024

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Donor Name: 2Gethger-International

If you have an idea and you’re ready to take it to the next level, Venture Labs would love to learn more about you.

This is a 4-week online program with virtual workshops, a private community platform, office hours, demo day and more!

Venture Labs is a self-paced program with a completion date plus scheduled live workshops and office hours. This means you can take certain parts of the course whenever you want, but they must be completed by a specific deadline.  Founders must attend 75% of scheduled, live events in addition to all course work and assignments in order to receive a “certificate of completion”.

4 Phases of Venture Labs

Venture Labs is broken into [what they like to call] the 4 T’s:

  • Phase 1: Think
    • Brainstorm and think about the best ideas that not only solve a real problem but are currently worth pursuing
  • Phase 2: Talk
    • Let customers build your product for you. In this phase you talk to several people in your market in order to validate your idea in less than a week
  • Phase 3: Test
    • You will create assumptions and test them with customers. Your idea will be reviewed and changed several times until it’s exactly the way customers want it.
  • Phase 4: Tell
    • Once your idea is fully validated, it’s time to tell the world. Learn the art of storytelling and showcase your progress in the pre-recorded Demo Day that will be share with the partners, investors, mentors and community.


  • Disabled people are historically underserved by resources and programs targeting entrepreneurs. They want to challenge the entrepreneurial ecosystem by supporting founders with disabilities, and giving them the education, funding opportunities, community and mentorship to thrive.
    • Knowledge: You’ll graduate from Venture Labs knowing information that only 1% of the world knows.  You can take this knowledge with you when starting any business or project in the future and have more potential to succeed than many other entrepreneurs.
    • R.A.T.: At the end of this program, you’ll have a Rapid Assumption Test platform that allows you to test, pitch and eventually sell to customers.  RATs are a great way to validate ideas and make money before building your product
    • Customers: Those who complete all assignments, attend all workshops and engage in all discussions should leave the program with at least 1 customer. After your first customer, they can show you how scale to 50!

Here’s what you’ll learn?

  • Frameworks, tools, methods, processes, plans, systems, techniques and more
  • Brainstorming
  • Customer Discovery Method
  • Founder Product Fit Matrix
  • Lean Validation Board
  • SCAMPER Method
  • Smoke Test Landing Page
  • Customer Personas
  • ARP Storytelling and Pitching


  • If you’re a founder with a disability and you have a business idea in your head or on paper – then Venture Labs is absolutely a great fit for you. This program is also valuable to people who have passed the idea stage but have yet to make significant amounts of money. They are looking for founders with high growth, tech or tech enabled ideas.
  • All business types are welcome to apply for Venture Labs.

For more information, visit 2Gethger-International.

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