Call for Entries: 47th Drama International Short Film Festival

Deadline Date: April 25, 2024

Donor Name: Drama International Short Film Festival

Grant Size: Not Available

Entries are now open for the 47th Drama International Short Film Festival.

As part of the in house Educational Platform DRAMA LAB, every year the Drama International Film Festival organises a Pitching Lab Workshop and a Pitching Forum, to provide pitching techniques to directors/producers.

Young filmmakers, scriptwriters, and producers from all over the world will participate in training sessions and learn how to present their project to producers and secure potential funding.

Moreover, the workshop aims to provide participants with the basic knowledge and working tools useful for developing an original idea into a script and furthermore towards realizing an authentic short film of any genre (fiction, animation, doc etc.). At the end of the workshop participants are given the opportunity to present their ideas during the Pitching Forum Session, to a group of experts, producers and festival directors (5΄ presentation time).

Members of the Forum Committee will quiz each participant after their presentation, asking them critical questions about their project. (5’ Q&A).

Participants are also given the opportunity to arrange one to one meetings with potential financiers to help them raise funds for their project.


  • Finos Film- Cash prize
  • GFC – Cash prize contribution in the production

Where and When?

  • The workshop includes 3 online sessions (mandatory), in dates and times that will be announced, and will take place in the interim between the 20 – 31 of August 2024, and a four-day workshop (in person), during the Drama International Short Film Festival from 3 to 6 of September 2024. The participants’ presence at the workshop and forum is mandatory.
  • Participation will occur following the health protocols in force at the time of the workshop. These protocols will be communicated to the participants before the beginning of the workshop.
  • Μore specifically
    • Pitching Lab
      • Pitching Workshop for short film projects (short fiction or animation up to 20΄/documentaries up to 30′), (3th to 7th of September 2024)
    • Pitching Forum
    • The Pitching Forum will be held on Saturday the 7th of September 2024
      • with the participation of financiers, producers, festival directors and other experts.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The workshop is open to all aspiring directors, producers and/or screenwriters from all over the world. The workshop will be held entirely in English.

For more information, visit DISFF.

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