SVG Ventures THRIVE Studio Sprint Program

Deadline Date: April 18, 2024

Donor Name: SVG Ventures

Grant Size: Not Available

Apply for the THRIVE Studio Sprint, an accelerated validation process designed to give you an edge in building your agrifood tech business.

The 8-week agrifood venture validation process is for researchers and early-stage entrepreneurs. THRIVE Studio Sprint will help take your next big idea to a validated MVP, step-by-step.

THRIVE Studio Sprint Benefits

Through THRIVE Studio Sprint you’ll receive the tools and support to get you to a validated MVP.

  • Faster
    • Design and build your company faster with THRIVE Studio Sprint through an accelerated 8-week process to get you from pre-idea/idea to a defined MVP.
  • Leaner
    • Avoid founder bias and assumptions by establishing a lean startup mindset into your company building process early.
  • Less Risky
    • Leverage tried and true methods for customer discovery and ensure early market validation.
  • Collaborative
    • Learn from a cohort of new and experienced founders working through the same stages and challenges.
  • Expert Advisory
    • THRIVE Studio is brought to you by the same teams responsible for THRIVE’s award winning Global Accelerator.
  • Global Community
    • Join a global community of experts, startups, and corporates by joining the THRIVE ecosystem.

Who should apply?

  • They’re looking for researchers, previous founders, and first-time entrepreneurs at the very beginning of their agrifood tech startup journey, prior to company formation and even pre-idea.
  • Specifically, they are looking for:
    • Researchers looking to commercialize a technology
    • Early-stage innovators with ground-breaking ideas
    • Individuals and teams who are passionate about building impactful agrifood tech solutions

For more information, visit THRIVE

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