Applications open for Global Energy Prize

Deadline Date: April 19, 2024

Donor Name: Global Energy Association

Grant Size: Not Available

Global Energy Association is seeking applications for the Global Energy Prize for outstanding achievements in scientific and technical R&D in the field of energy.

Fostering development of sciences, the Global Energy Prize emphasises the importance of international cooperation and the weight of involvement of public and private entities in efforts to ensure energy security and energy conservation on a global scale.

Prize Goals

  • The goals of the Prize are as follows:
    • Promotion of theoretical, experimental and applied research in the field of energy, and stimulation of international cooperation in this area.
    • Encouragement and engagement of key experts from various countries, international organizations, public and commercial structures, in order to solve the most significant problems and tasks in the energy sector.

Prize Information

  • The award package of the Prize includes: a gold medal, a gold badge, diploma and a certain sum of money (the Prize fund). The amount of the monetary part of the Prize is determined anually by the Organizer.
  • The Prize is not awarded:
    • To the same person for the same achievement twice;
    • To the members of the International Award Committee and to former members of the International Award Committee during the first two years after their resignation therefrom;
    • Posthumously;

Nomination Category

  • Nomination submissions of the following categories are accepted for consideration:
    • Electric power engineering;
    • Exploration, extraction, transportation and processing of fuel and power resources;
    • Renewable energy sources;
    • Bioenergy;
    • Fuel cells and hydrogen energy;
    • Heat power engineering;
    • Nuclear power engineering;
    • New materials used in energy;
    • Energy efficiency;
    • Efficient energy storage;
    • Energy transportation;
    • Management in energy sector.
  • The nomination submissions of the categories listed above are further distributed into three nominations:
    • Traditional energy:
      • Electric power engineering;
      • Exploration, extraction, transportation and processing of fuel and power resources;
      • Heat power engineering;
      • Nuclear power engineering.
    • Non-traditional energy:
      • Renewable energy sources
      • Bioenergy;
      • Fuel cells and hydrogen energy.
    • New ways of energy application:
      • New materials used in power engineering;
      • Energy efficiency;
      • Efficient power storage;
      • Energy transportation.
  • Note: Nomination submissions of the “Management in the energy sector” category are accepted in any of three mentioned nominations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Citizen of any state can become a laureate of the Prize.
  • Candidates for the Prize can be nominated by the Nominators. These are:
    • Scientists and/or organizations acting via their representatives who have been verified on the Organizer’s website and received confirmation of their nominating status, as well as persons specially invited by the Organizer to the nomination pool.
    • Laureates of the Global Energy Prize, Nobel Prize winners, laureates of the Kyoto, Max Planck, Wolf, Balzan, Zayed Future Energy, Energy Globe, Goldman Environment and UNEP Sasakawa Prizes.
    • Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and of foreign academies of sciences.
  • Persons performing solely administrative and/or organizational functions cannot be nominated.
  • Self-nomination for the Prize is not allowed.
  • The nominator can file up to three nomination submissions in the course of one nomination process. An individual nomination submission is required for each nominee.


  • The working languages of the Prize are Russian and English.

For more information, visit Global Energy Association.

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