Apply for Giving Joy Grant for Women

Deadline Date: April 30, 2024

Donor Name: Giving Joy

Grant Size: Less than $1000

The Giving Joy is seeking applications for its grant opportunity to women-led initiatives—giving women entrepreneurs critical resources to start businesses, acquire skills, sustain operations or improve their ideas worldwide.

The benefits of these micro-grants cascade through communities. They strengthen skills, expand access to resources, create jobs and income. Grant activities translate into increased opportunities and services for everyone touched by the recipient’s endeavor.

Funding Information

  • Giving Joy will notify applicants on an individual basis (via email) if their application was successful. Grants will range from US$250 to US$500 and are awarded in installments upon completion of specific deliverables. The award amount will be determined by Giving Joy based on proposed activities and availability of funding.
  • Giving Joy will organize a meeting with each awardee to discuss the terms and conditions of the grants, and to review the grant agreement, deliverables, and guidelines.
  • Once the grant agreement is signed, grant recipients have up to six months to implement their proposed project.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Women ages 18 and up. 
  • You can apply for a grant from any country or state or territory in the world.
  • You can propose activities in any field, trade, occupation, or craft. However, your business/organization/idea must focus on women, girls and/or families. And all activities must be legal.
  • Applicants may only apply once per cycle. Once awarded a grant, applicants cannot apply again. Applicants who do not receive a grant may apply again in future cycles.

Grant applications should Emphasize

  • Your proposed grant activities must have a social benefit to your community and must go beyond financial aspects of your business.  The more social impact you can illustrate through your idea – the better and the greater your chances of winning the grant.
  • They will not support activities related to the purchase of merchandise, stock, advertisements, or marketing for personal use.
  • Be as specific as possible, particularly regarding how you will use the grant funds. For example, if you plan on using the grant for a community event, a training, scholarships, etc. please include a detailed list of the activity you will develop including estimated costs, what the event will include, who is the target audience, and how the event will impact women, girls, and families.
  • Include, as much as possible, qualitative information related to the grant impact (ex. training for 10 women, each women will train an additional 10 women, ultimately impacting 20 families and 50 children in the community).

For more information, visit Giving Joy.

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