Nature Awards for Inspiring Women in Science

Deadline Date: April 08, 2024

Donor Name: Nature Awards

Grant Size: $10,000 to $100,000

Applications are now open for the Nature Awards for Inspiring Women in Science to celebrate and support the achievements of women in science, and all those who work to encourage girls and young women to engage with STEM subjects and stay in STEM careers around the world.


They invite applications in two award categories:

  • Science Outreach
    • The Nature Awards for Inspiring Women in Science – Science Outreach Category is presented to encourage girls or young women to engage with and study natural sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEM) or to increased retention of women in STEM careers, with a focus on providing tools to support women through their career progression in a STEM discipline.
  • Scientific Achievement
    • The Nature Awards for Inspiring Women in Science – Scientific Achievement Category, recognizes early-career women researchers. They are looking for applicants who have made an exceptional, demonstrable contribution to scientific discovery, and may have faced significant personal or professional challenges.

Prize Information

  • The winners of the Nature Awards for Inspiring Women in Science will receive:
    • A prize of US$50,000
    • An invitation to the award ceremony in London or New York, with accommodation and travel expenses paid by the organiser. In the event that it is not possible or advisable to hold such a ceremony, an alternative virtual presentation or acknowledgement will be arranged.
    • Coverage on
    • An invitation to present their work or initiative to the scientists at The Estée Lauder Companies
    • Mentoring through The Estée Lauder Companies
  • The shortlisted applicants will:
    • Be profiled on the Nature Award website
    • Have access to an exclusive mentoring and networking community site

Eligibility Criteria

  • Science Outreach Category
    • They accept applications from organizations, departments, individuals (of any gender), or project teams. Please nominate one spokesperson who will be the point of contact and represent the winning entry at the award ceremony.
    • Entries will have shown exceptional vision, insight, and/or imagination, and demonstrated that they encourage, support, or promote the interests of girls and/or women in STEM. They also welcome applications that include interdisciplinary components.
  • Scientific Achievement Category
    • The applicant should exhibit the potential for developing and leading an independent research group. They are also keen that applicants have made efforts to inspire the next generation of scientists through outreach or support the retention of women in science careers.
    • Applicants must self-identify as women. They use an inclusive definition of ‘woman’ and ‘women’. They welcome trans women, and genderqueer and non-binary people.
    • Applicants must hold a PhD degree, a medical degree (MD), or another type of doctorate by dissertation obtained in the last 10 years.

For more information, visit Nature Awards.

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