Open Call: Online Photo Exhibition with the Theme “The City in Black and White”

Deadline Date: May 31, 2024

Donor Name: Tatì Space

Grant Size: Not Available

Tatì Space Photography Center opens the 7th edition of the Online Photo Exhibitions with the theme: The City in Black and White.

Black and white photography is the oldest form of photography. And yet it remains very modern, as it offers different interpretations. Some artists appreciate it because in the absence of colors, black and white photography is more powerful to convey emotions. Others use monochrome photography to go back in time and evoke memories. Others use it for purely aesthetic and graphic reasons, as black and white photography offers strong contrasts and many tonalities of shades. Tatì Space invites all photographers inside and outside the country, professional and amateur, to participate in the online photo exhibition with the theme the City in “Black and White”. Submit an Urban Photography in black and white format. 

The selected photos will be published in the online Gallery dedicated to the event in the website Tatì

The selected photographs will be considered to be published in the printed version of the Exhibition, in the Magazine format, printed by Blurb, and distributed in the Blurb Bookstore. 


  • Participation is free
  • If the file is not formatted correctly, or is submitted with errors, it can not be published. 
  • Tati Space cannot publish the photograph if it does not belong to the theme of the exhibition. 
  • Tatì Space has the authority to decide on which artists will be selected and will participate in the exhibition, in respect to the Terms and Conditions governing this website
  • The author has the copyright and the permission to use the photos, and authorizes Tatì Space to publish them on the website on its social media, and the printed Catalog of the Exhibition.
  • The Catalog of the Exhibition will be printed on demand by Blurb and will be available in the Blurb Bookstore
  • Tati Space has no financial profit from the publication of the participating photos in the Online Exhibition, in the social networks, and from the sale of the catalogues in the Blurb Bookstore. The sole purpose of the event is to bring to the attention different themes on architecture and urban photography, to create a community of photographers, architects, photography lovers that are interested in the genre.

For more information, visit Tatì Space.

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