The Global Health Innovation Challenge II

Deadline Date: May 25, 2024

Donor Name: Center for Advancing Innovation

Grant Size: Not Available

vative biotechnology, health security, and supply chain technologies to hyper-accelerate the future of health through the Global Health Innovation Challenge II.

The Global Health Innovation Challenge II (GHIC II) is orchestrated by the Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) with support from the United States Economic Development Administration (EDA) Build to Scale (B2S) Program. As with CAI’s prior challenges, teams will advance promising de-risked inventions selected with rigorous due diligence by potential investors and industry experts. Teams may also enter with their own commercially-viable inventions. CAI invites anyone to submit an idea with the potential to hyper-accelerate the future of health. An expert judging panel will select a total of 15+ winners from the pool of teams, advancing promising inventions.

The Global Health Innovation Challenge II (GHIC II) is an open innovation contest to:

  • Hyper-accelerate the future of health
  • Close racial and gender wealth gaps
  • Drive economic resilience and growth
  • Create sustainable, knowledge-based jobs
  • Galvanize the life sciences ecosystem in the DMV and beyond

Why Join?

  • Accelerator Training: Learn about business planning and strategy from world-class experts and potential investors 
  • Expand Your Network: Network with a diverse group of experts: industry, academia, investors, government, & patients 
  • Support And Mentors: Get personalized feedback, advice, and guidance from advisors and mentors
  • Media Coverage: Get unprecedented media attention from news outlets, journals, & the White House 
  • Funding: Compete for a chance to pitch for funding for your startup/idea 
  • Launch A Company: Make the leap from employee to entrepreneur, and boost global health

Who Is Eligible? 

  • No Minimum Team Size: Enter with teammates or as an individual. They will help you to build a strong team
  • Your Background: All you need to enter is an entrepreneurial spirit! They will teach you what you need to know
  • No Geography Restrictions: Participants in the Global Health Innovation Challenge II can come from anywhere in the world

For more information, visit Center for Advancing Innovation.

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