Open call for Transnational Service Provision

Deadline Date: May 21, 2024

Donor Name: canSERV

Grant Size: More than $1 million

Under the canSERV Open Call researchers are welcome to apply to a portfolio of services offered by canSERV to address the research needs of the entire oncology developmental pipeline.

What is Transnational Access (TNA)?

  • Transnational Access allows researchers (users, applicants) free of charge to specific research services (equipment, expertise, resources) offered by the canSERV consortium members` research infrastructure facilities.
  • Transnational access can be:
    • In person (physical access), with users visiting the research infrastructure facility/installation and receiving the service “hands-on”, including the advantage of direct collaboration.
    • Remotely (remote access), with research infrastructure resources and services offered online/remotely. This can span from just sending requested sample materials, to more comprehensive research tasks done by the research infrastructure staff on your behalf.
    • canSERV services are free of charge only when you (or most of your research group) are based in a country other than where the services are rendered. As an exception from this transnationality requirement, international organizations, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) or EU level multinational research infrastructures (ERICs or similar legal entities with international membership) are considered transnational actors and hence their service providing installation may be in the same country where the applicant researcher is based.
    • This opportunity is open to all European and non-European researchers.

Funding Information

  • The indicative overall budget for this call is EUR 1.000.000, which can be increased in the event of many successful applications.

Who can apply?

Applications can be submitted by those individuals or organisations, who meet all the following criteria:

  • Researchers based in European and non-European countries, including junior and senior individual researchers, academic institutes, biotech/pharmaceutical SMEs, groups of scientists, networks and consortia from public and private entities.
    • Affiliation
      • Applicants must be affiliated with an organisation in or outside the European Union.
    • Transnationality
      • This grant only supports TNA as described.
    • Dissemination
      • Results and/or data obtained from using the services provided under the canSERV Open Call must comply with the FAIR principles and might be shared initially with other ongoing initiatives within the EU Cancer Mission, EOSC4Cancer and, when established,, for the development and improvement of further services. Furthermore, the results and/or data will be reused within the canSERV project or other EU Cancer Mission initiatives at a certain time after service provision according to the canSERV user agreement. The data generated will then be included in the canSERV service list to support the canSERV Catalogue of Open Digital Research Services. If the results and/or data are published, canSERV must be acknowledged in publications. Only user groups that are allowed to disseminate the results they have generated may be eligible for access (unless the users are working for SMEs).

For more information, visit canSERV

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