P&G Alumni Foundation Grant-making Program 2024

 Deadline Date: May 11, 2024

 Donor Name: P&G Alumni Foundation

 Grant Size: $10,000 to $100,000

P&G Alumni Foundation is seeking applications for grants from charitable organizations if their mission aligns with the Foundation’s focus on economic empowerment and a P&G Alum is actively and meaningfully involved.

The P&G Alumni Network is formed to help P&G Alums across the globe stay connected. Today, the Network has grown to 35,000+ Alumni strong and is a premier membership organization delivering against three strategic pillars:

  • Engagement facilitates connections and networking through chapter activities, the global conferences and the Women’s Leadership Forum.
  • Enrichment offers additional ways for Alumni to connect regarding thought leadership, best practices, and training & development.
  • Philanthropy affords our Alums to “give back” personally or within their chapters and is also achieved through the P&G Alumni Foundation, the Network’s charitable arm. 

The root of the Network’s philanthropy is grounded in shared values which further unite us as Alumni. P&G Alums share a commitment to strong values:  working hard, trying to do the right thing and improving the lives of others through our work and charitable endeavors.

P&G Alums are instilled with a belief that working for a global company is more than just an opportunity and a privilege, but also a responsibility to help those who haven’t been given the same opportunities we have, and a responsibility to economically empower those who have never been empowered.

Focus Areas

  • The Foundation invests in programing that contributes toward real employment including:
    • Job skills development & vocational training: It could be classes on the use of purchased equipment on new sewing techniques, learning the art of ice cream making, or training on the use of computers in a new computer lab.
    • Business-related education & training: It could include scholarships, mentoring programs or business basics training for new programs such as a farmers coop or boot camp basics.
    • Entrepreneurial or business ventures viable in local communities: It might include providing operating loans or holding an entrepreneurial fair for community members to assist local communities in developing their business ideas.

Funding Information

  • $10000-25000

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Foundation accepts grant requests from tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations in the U.S. and from charitable equivalents outside the U.S. subject to the following eligibility requirements:
    • Your mission and the project or program seeking funding must be strongly aligned with the Foundation’s mission of economically empowering those in need.
    • Your proposal must demonstrate how it contributes toward sustainable employment opportunities (e.g., job skills development, vocational training, business-related training, entrepreneurial or business ventures, etc.) and how you will measure results.
    • One or more P&G Alums must be actively and meaningfully involved with the charitable organization for a minimum of one year.
    • The charitable organization must be in existence for a minimum of two fiscal years and provide financial statements upon request.
    • Grants are annual awards and limited to one-year commitments.

For more information, visit P&G Alumni Foundation.

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