Amcor Lift-Off Pitching Competition 2024

Deadline Date: June 03, 2024

 Donor Name: Amcor

 Grant Size: Not Available

Apply now for the chance to gain exposure within Amcor and win funding and in-kind support to bring your idea to the next level through Amcor Lift-Off Pitching Competition.

Focus Areas

For the current edition, they will be focusing on start-ups providing technologies in three focus areas:

  • Paper
    • Substrates & barrier solutions
  • New business models
    • Using packaging expertise in new markets
  • AI in manufacturing
    • Optimization of manufacturing process

What do they offer?

  • Exposure to senior leaders
    • You will be presenting in front of a team of senior Amcor leaders – benefiting from the exposure this can bring within the company.
  • Funding support
    • Winners receive an investment of USD $250,000 for early stage, and up to USD $500,000 for growth-stage start-ups.
  • Access to Amcor experts and external network
    • Get in-kind support from Amcor to help you refine your technology, build partnerships and scale across geographies.


  • They will invest in all companies that they find to be a good fit with Amcor. There is no limit per pitching day.
  • They are primarily looking for a strategic fit with Amcor.
  • They evaluate the technology and intellectual property, the business model, scalability, team and experience.

For more information, visit Amcor.

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