Apply to become a New Member of Magnum Photos

 Deadline Date: June 03, 2024

 Donor Name: Magnum Photos

 Grant Size: Not Available

The Magnum Photos is accepting applications to become a member of Magnum Photos.

To become a full Member of Magnum Photos, photographers partake in a minimum four-year process and must be voted to the next level three times. First as a Nominee, then as an Associate, and finally as a full Member. Applications are reviewed once a year during Magnum’s Annual General Meeting in June, when a dedicated day is reserved for considering and voting on potential new Nominee members’ portfolios.

Magnum Photos is a cooperative agency, owned and operated by its Member photographers. The agency is self-selecting. Only around 100 photographers have ever become full Members since the founding in 1947.

What they’re looking for?

  • Magnum Photos seeks prospective Nominees with solid photographic skills and considerable storytelling ability. Accepted Nominees exhibit a clear and robust visual language, as well as an open-minded and versatile practice. While individuality and independence are, and always have been, defining traits of Magnum photographers, embracing community and collaboration is equally vital, especially in understanding the cooperative nature of Magnum. Familiarity with Magnum’s history and standards is essential, and an awareness of its position on digital manipulation and AI is appreciated.
  • Prospective nominees should believe they bring a unique perspective to the agency, whether through geography, narrative, or background. They want new points of view, not replicas. Passion for authentic visual storytelling and a commitment to capturing the world with integrity remain more crucial than ever. Nominees will be expected to uphold strong personal ethics while still challenging conventions and pushing boundaries.

Terms and Conditions

  • Decisions on any successful applications for membership to the Company will be made in June/July 2024. The Licensor hereby agrees that:
    • The Photographer is the copyright holder of the Work, or has the specific right to distribute the Work and to agree to a non-exclusive release of the Work on behalf of the copyright holder.
    • The Work is an original work (except to the extent that it may include third party clearances, where the Licensor has in her/his possession any necessary written permission which may be delivered to the Company, upon request), is free of any lien, claim, or debt of any kind, is not in the public domain in any country throughout the world.
    • The Work contains no material that is libelous, obscene, plagiarized or any other unlawful matter, or is in any way illegal, and that it in no way infringes upon the copyright or violates any other right of any person so as to subject the Company to liability to any third party.
    • The Work will only be viewed by the Company on the Picter software platform by Full Members and Production staff of the Company
    • By submitting the Work, the Photographer grants the Company a non-exclusive license to view the Work on the Picter software platform.
    • The Company and Picter will not publish, share or redistribute any of the Work to any individuals or organisations external to the Company for the duration of the submission process or post-submission process.
    • The Work may be submitted in two to three projects.
    • Successful applicants may be contacted and a public announcement on the acceptance will be dispatched to media outlets and on the Company’s own public-facing websites.
    • Successful applicants may be contacted by the Company to agree to a new license to cover the public display of the Work on the Company’s own website platforms.
    • The Company cannot give out personal information regarding the Company’s membership of photographers.
    • The Company will not correspond with any Photographer regarding any unsuccessful application for membership.

For more information, visit Picter.

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