Awards of Excellence 2024 “Hydrogen: Enabling Energy Transition”

 Deadline Date: June 14, 2024

 Donor Name: Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Programme (Hydrogen TCP)

 Grant Size: $1000 to $10,000

The IEA Hydrogen TCP launched the Award of Excellence competition to recognize excellence in international collaboration in research, development, and application of hydrogen technologies.

The IEA Hydrogen TCP is an international collaboration initiative for R&D in hydrogen technologies with over 40 years of operating history, 34 member countries, the European Commission, and 8 sponsor members. The TCP envisions a clean sustainable energy supply with hydrogen playing a key role in all sectors of the economy.

The Hydrogen TCP Award of Excellence aims to leverage innovation in hydrogen technologies and applications. The Award of Excellence will be a joint action of the IEA Hydrogen TCP and the Clean Energy Ministerial Hydrogen Initiative (CEM-H2I) to recognize excellence in hydrogen technology projects around the world and provide a platform to showcase the winning projects.

The Award of Excellence will be given out yearly during the annual Clean Energy Ministerial meeting. The theme for this Award of Excellence competition in 2024 is “Hydrogen: Enabling Energy Transition” and will be awarded during CEM15 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Award ceremony will be conducted as a side-event of the CEM15 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between October 1st – 3rd.

What is the rewarding prize?

  • Winner(s) will be granted a limited individual license to advertise and promote the award granted to the project and a limited right to use and refer to the H2 TCP Award of Excellence mark (i.e., the logo) and the phrase “Hydrogen TCP Award of Excellence Winner”.
  • Access to the CEM-13 will be granted and the Award will cover travel costs to personally attend the ceremony and receive the prize.
  • Travel costs covered up to 2000€.

Who can apply?

  • An award may be given to a private/public entity, a team, a group, or an individual. The Hydrogen TCP encourages applications from public/private energy companies, start-ups, universities, and research institutions. Any entity or team of entities may apply, but only one entry per project will be allowed.

For more information, visit Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Programme (Hydrogen TCP).

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