Alaian Open Call on Generative AI for Startups

 Deadline Date: June 10, 2024

 Donor Name: Alaian

 Grant Size: Not Available

Looking for scale ups with a Generative AI use case, are you one of them? If you are a startup focused on Series Pre-seed to Series B stages in any of the following verticals: manufacturing, energy, transport, agriculture, healthcare, tourism, call centers, population and predictions, cyber protection, predictive maintenance and employee maintenance, network optimization/upgrading, etc. with a use case based on Generative AI, this is your opportunity.

They are seeking solutions where Generative AI brings a fresh perspective to these verticals, enhancing smart product features, usability, empathetic customer engagement while offering unique, tailored experiences to customers.


By joining them, you may access to a network of 1 billion customers presence in more than 65 markets and more benefits:

  • Connectivity & Infrastructure
    • Get access to the best 5G connectivity & edge computing resources from leading Telcos. Test in the best-in-class 5G LABs to integrate into your solutions with different Telcos.
  • Business Development Opportunities
    • Scale your business leveraging in the 1 billion customers in +65 countries. Design and build pilots with the customers worldwide. Became a business partner for 9 leading Telcos.
  • Visibility & Exposure
    • Demos and solutions potentially featured at Partner’s HQ, flagship stores, demo centers, labs & Hubs to showcase your product to the network of customers and partners.
  • Knowledge Exchange
    • Sit down with the network specialists and teams to exchange knowledge, co-develop, and solve problems together. Tap into the technical, commercial & product support from the network of experts, mentors, and coaches.
  • Potential Capital Investment
    • From any of the Alaian’s Members investment vehicles as well as exposure to the global network of VCs.

For more information, visit Alaian.

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