Applications open for Scholastic Kid Reporter Program

Deadline Date: June 01, 2024

 Donor Name: Scholastic Kids Press

 Grant Size: Not Available

The Scholastic Kids Press is accepting Kid Reporter applications for the 2024–2025 program year.

Scholastic editors annually select Kid Reporters based on writing ability, interviewing skills, and attention to detail. The new Kid Reporter team will be annouced in the fall. 

What they provide?

  • Scholastic will provide press credentials, a notebook, and business cards. Kid Reporters should be prepared to take notes and record the interview. If Kid Reporters do not have a tape recorder or smartphone with recording capabilities, they need to have someone with them to help take notes during interviews.

Who can apply?

  • To be considered, students must be between the ages of 10–14 (born on or between September 1, 2010, and August 31, 2014) and complete an application, which includes writing a news story, two story ideas, and a personal essay.

Program Guidelines

  • Dress Code 
    • The dress code is casual and neat. Scholastic provides each Kid Reporter with a Kids Press shirt. When on assignment, Kid Reporters must wear their official shirts with nice pants, preferably khakis or black pants, or a skirt. Kid Reporters should look neat, clean, and comfortable. No jeans, shorts, or hats with slogans or logos. Remember, Kid Reporters are not only representing themselves, but also representing their schools and Scholastic.
  • Photographs
    • If Kid Reporters have access to a digital camera, still or video, they are encouraged to use it. Kid Reporters can email pictures to Scholastic to accompany their articles. They may also enlist a teacher or family member to help with taking pictures/video. Kid Reporters must be sure to take a variety of photographs and tell Scholastic who took the photographs and/or videos they submit. 
  • Transportation
    • While it is not a requirement, Kid Reporters may travel for on-site reporting if their parents/guardians are comfortable with it and can accommodate it. It is up to Kid Reporters’ parents/guardians or teachers to transport them to and from an event or interview. When necessary, Scholastic editors will work with Kid Reporters to obtain media credentials for them and parents/guardians. Safety is the top priority. Kid Reporters should never arrange to do any interviews alone and must have an adult with them at all times. 
  • Talking to the Press 
    • Kid Reporters may be interviewed by other members of the press about their experiences with Scholastic Kids Press. Someone from Scholastic will discuss how to answer questions about the program and your availability for media interviews throughout the year. In some cases, Kid Reporters’ parents/guardians may need to arrange for transportation to and from such interviews. If Kid Reporters are approached by members of the press, they must inform Scholastic and provide the name and contact information for the journalist.
  • Kid Reporter Conduct 
    • Scholastic Kid Reporters are important “ambassadors” of Scholastic and their schools, and they are expected to represent the company the best they can—whether it’s on location for an assignment, in an interview with media outlets, or on social media. This means they must:
      • Be respectful: Always behave in a polite and professional way. 
      • Be on time: Punctuality shows respect for the person being interviewed. 
      • Be prepared: Do research and have questions ready. 
      • Stay on task: When interviewing someone, remember that you are there to gain information and insights for your article. Be professional, and keep the conversation focused on information you’re obtaining for your article. 
      • Be honorable: Ask for help if needed, but never plagiarize or copy someone else’s work, even in part. Always cite your sources.
      • Be a team player: There are many Kid Reporters around the world. Occasionally, they may have the chance to help one another write a story or cover breaking news.

For more information, visit Scholastic Kids Press.

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