Call for Nominations: Zero Project Award 2025

 Deadline Date: June 16, 2024

 Donor Name: Zero Project

 Grant Size: Not Available

The Zero Project (#ZeroCall25) calls on innovative, impactful, and scalable solutions from around the world to submit their nominations for a Zero Project Award.

#ZeroCall25 is centered around the topics of Employment and ICT. 

Becoming a Zero Project Awardee opens doors, opportunities, and promotional channels with the support of the global Zero Project Network of more than 10,000+ experts and through exclusive initiatives to advance innovations for disability inclusion.


  • Becoming a Zero Project Awardee opens doors, opportunities, and promotional channels: Zero Project Awardees receive support from the global Zero Project Network of 10,000+ experts, feature at the annual Zero Project Conference at the UN in Vienna, and get the opportunity to join exclusive initiatives to advance their solutions. Explore some of the opportunites here below:
    • Zero Project Conference 2025
      • Each Awardee is invited to showcase their solution at #ZeroCon25, hosted on the grounds at the United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria. The Zero Project Conference has become a unique global meeting place to innovate for disability inclusion. 
    • Zero Project Network
      • Awardees receive access to the global Zero Project Network of 10,000+ experts, which includes leading organizations, such as the United Nations, international organizations, governments, multinational corporations, international funding agencies, foundations, and globally active non-government organizations.
    • Zero Project Report
      • Each Awardee is incorporated into the Zero Project publication line, which consists of respective annual reports, sector reports, and other publications.
    • Zero Project Database
      • Each Awardee is incorporated into the Zero Project Database, which is a public utility to search through 800+ innovative solutions and connect with innovators.
    • Zero Project Scaling Solutions
      • A programme designed to support innovators in transferring and advancing solutions in new countries or regions. It’s a joint initiative by the Essl Foundation, Fundación Descúbreme, GIZ, Atos, and Inclusive Creation.
    • Zero Project Technology Forum
      • An exclusive event set up specifically to support the rapid scaling of proven disability innovation solutions, by matching innovators with potential partners and investors. A joint initiative with Unicredit Bank Austria, Google, Microsoft, and The Seneca Trust.
    • Regional partners
      • Through its strategic regional partnerships with Fundación Descúbreme for Latin America, Youth4Jobs and Enable India for India, and SG Enable in Singapore, the Zero Project supports innovation processes and builds bridges between the global disability inclusion community and innovators from these respective world regions.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Zero Project Call for Nominations is open to innovative solutions from all countries and all sectors of society.
  • The Zero Project encourages nominations from all countries and all sectors of society – policy makers, startups, academia, civil society, businesses – and especially, those relating to multiple or severe disabilities, humanitarian action, gender equality, the arts, sexual orientation, psychosocial disabilities, or other multiple disadvantaged groups.
  • Actual work on the ground has to have happened. This means that purely academic research, publications, declarations or ideas about how to better solve issues, or protoypes will not be considered. Projects that are advocacy campaigns will also not be considered.
  • Nominations will have to be operational and sustainable. If there is a planned end (as for example in some grant-funded projects schemes), there has to be a clear plan for continuation. 
  • Nominations that do not respect the Articles of the UN CRPD or general human rights principles (e.g. discriminating against ethnic or other minorities because of religion, language etc.) will not be considered.
  • Nominations need to provide factual information about the organisation’s and solution’s work, size, growth and outcome/impact.

For more information, visit Zero Project.

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