Nominations open for 2024 .ORG Impact Awards

 Deadline Date: June 19, 2024

 Donor Name: Public Interest Registry

 Grant Size: $10,000 to $100,000

Nominations are now open for the .ORG Impact Awards, a global awards program to recognize and celebrate individuals and organizations that have a connection to a registered .ORG domain for their contributions, achievements and impact they have made in their communities.

Each finalist will be invited to an in-person event on October 8, 2024, in Washington, D.C., to honor the amazing work of the .ORG community and to announce the winners of each category and the .ORG of the Year. They will receive two (2) complimentary round-trip economy tickets (up to $2,000 USD) and two (2) nights of accommodations.

.ORG Impact Awards .ORG of the Year 

  • This award recognizes and honors an organization or individual for outstanding achievement as evidenced by results and/ or contributions to its sector, constituents, community, or society at large. The winners in the other seven categories are automatically eligible for this award. Where a finalist is an individual, the organization they are affiliated with will be eligible. The .ORG of the Year will be selected by PIR in its sole discretion.


  • The .ORG Impact Awards seek to celebrate significant achievements by members of the .ORG community. There are seven award categories subject to the nomination and judging process.
    • Health and Healing 
      • Recognizes an organization or individual who is dedicated to providing health and wellness resources to the community, including education and awareness, vaccine development, equitable distribution of medical supplies, and mental health resources.
    • Quality Education For All 
      • Recognizes an organization or individual for contributions in providing education for all, without regard to race, gender, or financial status.
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
      • Recognizes an organization or individual for efforts toward furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion in society through creation of policies, programs, and initiatives that address systemic challenges and historic injustices.
    • Environmental Stewardship 
      • Recognizes an organization or individual that works to combat the increased threats to the environment and promotes responsible consumption and environmental sustainability in communities around the world.
    • Hunger and Poverty 
      • Recognizes an organization or individual who has made significant contributions and innovations in the fight to end hunger, alleviate poverty, and reduce resource inequalities on a local, national, or global scale. 
    • Community Building 
      • Recognizes an organization or individual whose efforts have contributed to changing or enhancing the lives of those in the community the nominee serves, whether on a local, national, or global level. 
    • Rising Star 
      • Recognizes an individual under the age of 25 until December 31, 2024, who has created a positive impact in their community through leadership on a project, platform, task, or campaign.

Awards Information

  • The winners in each category of the .ORG Impact Awards will have the opportunity to direct a monetary donation to the charitable organization of their choice, as follows:
    • ORG Impact Awards .ORG of the Year: $40,000 USD
    • All winners: $10,000 USD
    • All non-winning finalists: $2,500 USD
  • In addition to a donation, finalists will also receive: Free advertising and promotion, including promotional materials such as videos, during this time, and with continued consent, future marketing efforts and opportunities, as well as custom trophies for category winners.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Organization Requirements 
    • All organizations nominated to any category must have a website hosted on the .ORG domain. 
  • Individual Nominee Requirements 
    • All individual Nominees must have an established role at an organization with a website on the .ORG domain. 
  • Nominee Affiliation 
    • The Nominee must be the registrant, or affiliated with the registrant, of a second-level .ORG domain name. 
  • Website URL 
    • The URL of the website must resolve to a .ORG domain name. 
  • Activity Time Frame 
    • Activities highlighted in the submission must have occurred between May 1, 2023, and May 1, 2024. If the activity began before May 1, 2023, or extends beyond May 1, 2024, the entry is still eligible so long as meaningful activity occurred between the two dates. 
  • Submission Guidelines 
    • Organizations and individuals may submit to more than one Award Category, but each submission must be original (i.e., an entry for one award may not be resubmitted verbatim to another award).
  • Eligibility Requirements for Nominations 
    • The nominator must be at least 18 years old and have permission to nominate the individual or organization that uses or has a connection to the .ORG domain. 
  • Nominees Under 18 
    • A Nominee may be less than 18 years of age. However, if a Nominee less than 18 years of age qualifies as a finalist, they will be required to complete a consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian. 
  • Nominee Restrictions 
    • Individuals or entities who reside in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Sudan, the Syrian Arab Republic, or Crimea may not nominate or be identified as a “Nominee.” 
  • Restrictions for PIR Employees 
    • Employees of Public Interest Registry and any of its parent and affiliate companies as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and household members of each such employee are not eligible to nominate individuals or organizations or be considered as a Nominee for any award.

For more information, visit PIR.

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