Open Call for Artists, Curators, and Research Bodies for an Exhibition

Deadline Date: June 16, 2024

Donor Name: Sumac Space

Grant Size: Not Available

The Sumac Space–Art Practices of the Middle East in collaboration with hinterland invites artists, curators, and research bodies who address contemporary urgencies in the context of the challenging socio-political circumstances of the region to submit their work and projects for exhibition in Berlin or/and in Vienna.

Sumac Space believes in the work of art in reimagining and shaping the pasts, presents, and futures, asserting that they must have a public place for their research and diverse forms of expression. As they progressively build a community of artists, curators, researchers, and writers gravitating around the region, they welcome diverse voices to actively participate in forming Sumac Space. They propose collaboration and the fostering of a sense of shared and collective ownership, not as mere themes or theoretical concepts, but as unconditional ways of working.

In this spirit, the first chapter of Confluencing, a series of 5-day exhibitions, will begin in July and continue throughout the year 2024. The exhibitions will be held at a space in Neukölln, Berlin and/or hinterland, Vienna. An international jury will select the finalists, and the Sumac team will curate the exhibition.

This series of exhibitions will serve as an extension of Sumac’s digital platform. In spatial terms, the space will host one of the core pillars that shape and define the entirety of Sumac Space, Artists’ Rooms as well. It’s a space for the multitudes present in artistic practice and yet may not be visible in the artworks: music, images, poems, formative of the thinking, subjects that inspire and learn. Additionally, all conversations generated during the exhibition-making process will be published on Sumac Dialogue.


  • The realization of Confluencing: Chapter I is entirely dependent on the in-kind contributions from the community surrounding Sumac Space and hinterland. This includes the invaluable input from their jury members, the Sumac and hinterland team, and all those who respond to this open call.
  • In practical terms, Sumac Space and hinterland will provide the venue, network, infrastructure, promotional support, and assistance for the realization of the project.
  • Please note that they are unable to provide financial support for production, honorarium, travel, accommodation, or shipping. 

Eligibility Requirement

  • There are no restrictions based on nationality, age, or experience level, and there are no limitations on the media, materials, or techniques to be used in the projects.
  • Applicants are also welcome to submit already existing works.

For more information, visit Sumac Space.

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