Open for Entries: HIPA 13th Photography Competition ‘Sustainability’

Deadline Date: June 30, 2024

Donor Name: Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA)

Grant Size: Not Available

How can one highlight the importance of the sustainable relationship between the present and the future? Here’s your chance to convey the delicate balance required to sustain the world through the creative lens of your camera. Entries are now open for the thirteenth season of Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) Competition ‘Sustainability’.

Sustainability is society’s ability to exist and develop without depleting all of the natural resources needed to live in the future. Photography is a powerful medium for raising awareness of such important issues and making a big impact to supporting sustainable developments.

In addition, the new season opens up an exciting space for creatives in crafting short video tailored for social media platforms. These videos have had a profound impact on both public opinion and the global stage, surpassing the reach achieved by individual images or collections in their history. Do not miss the opportunity to entertain the audience and convey your creative and distinctive ideas.

Award Categories

  • Sports Photography
    • If you enjoy the dynamic energy of sports action than this is the category for you. Photographers have to capture scenes that translate the emotional and visual narrative of sporting events.
    • This is an exciting opportunity to blend sports appreciation with artistic expression.
  • Portfolio (Story-Telling)
    • One of most challenging categories for photographers to skilfully invite them into a story through a series of photographs.
    • A photographic narrative delves straight into the subject matter and tells the story from a photographer’s perspective. This is your opportunity to engage and connect the hearts and minds of the audience in a way a single photograph cannot.
  • General (Colour and Black & White)
    • Every year, thousands eagerly await the return of the General Category, as it remains the highlight for photographers to showcase their artistry that is not defined under a specific category.
    • More than one-third of the submissions over the years has been from this category; which continues to evolve advancing both in quality and diversity.
    • Due to its popularity, they continue to offer participants two opportunities to participate under these sub-categories: the first in Black & White – to transport them to the classic world of the monochromatic palette; and the second in color – to experience the rich tapestry of hues.
  • Short Videos (for Social Media)
    • With the widespread popularity of short videos on the social media platforms, they have noticed the presence of remarkably creative talents capable of producing engaging, meaningful and impactful content that resonates with a wide audience.
    • For the Thirteenth season, they are opening the doors to content creators to present distinctive and creative ideas through short videos tailored for social media platforms. These videos must narrate inspiring and motivational stories that have a positive impact on society.

Special Awards

  • Photography Appreciation Award 
    • There are many passionate people within the photography industry who are dedicated and relentless in their pursuit for excellence. These people offer their services and expertise without expecting a return on their efforts and therefore form a vital part of the photographic community.
    • The ‘Photography Appreciation Award’ is a special category for a person or group who has shown long-standing commitment to enhancing the art of photography. By awarding the recipient, HIPA hopes to give back a small amount of the respect and appreciation they deserve.
  • Photography Content Creator Award 
    • Service to photography is not limited to taking stunning photographs, but extends to editors, publishers, bloggers, researchers, inventors, promoters and all print and digital content creators that have had a positive impact on the industry and helped shape it to what it is today.
  • HIPA Photographer of The Year 
    • In its Thirteenth Season, HIPA has introduced the ‘‘HIPA Photographer of the Year’ award, designed to honour one outstanding photographer whose has accomplished exceptional photographic achievements over twelve consecutive months. This award acknowledges a year enriched with extraordinary visual imagery and photographic projects of exceptional value.
    • Those aspiring to participate must present a comprehensive overview of their accomplishments over the past twelve months, along with details of their current projects and their vision for future endeavours. Individuals are encouraged to include what they consider to be their iconic photographs that highlighted their journey in the previous year.

Eligibility Criteria

  • They invite photographers from all over the world to participate with their creativity in the course themes. 
  • The Competition is open for online submissions only.
  • Participants must be individuals aged eighteen (18) years or over at the time of the Submission(s).
  • You hereby certify that you are eighteen (18) years old or older at the date of submitting your Photo(s) to the Competition. You further understand and agree that HIPA will automatically and without further notice discard any Photo(s) that are found to be submitted by a participant that is below eighteen (18) years old at the time of the Submission.
  • Submitted Photo(s) must be in JPEG format, with high quality and resolution, of a minimum 5 MB in size, the minimum of the longest edge should be no less than 2000 pixel and the quality no less than 300dpi and to be suitable for publication.

For more information, visit HIPA.

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