26th International Short Film Festival Contest “Ciudad De Soria”

 Deadline Date: June 21, 2024

 Donor Name: certamen cortossoria

 Grant Size: $1000 to $10,000


The Councilorship of Youth of Soria’s Local Government open calls for the 26th International Short Film Festival Contest “Ciudad de Soria” posters submission.


  • The 26th International Short Film Festival “Ciudad de Soria” Poster Contest aims to encourage artists and designers creativity around the world, spreading cinematographic culture, as well as drawing attention to the Festival image at a national and international level.

Award Information

  • A sole award of €1000 will be granted. The corresponding taxes established by the law will be discounted from it.

Eligibility Criteria

  • This contest is open to designers, artists and content creators from all over the world, from every nationality. Whoever interested in participating, either as a team or as an individual author, may do so. You may present one poster per author tops.
  • The theme is free. Pictorial, photographic or digital composition is accepted. It will be valued that the poster has a relationship with the guest country, which, this year, will be Brazil.
  • The following text must appear clearly visible in the works presented:
  • XXVI International Short Competition “Ciudad De Soria” from November 8 to 17, 2024.
  • The design must have a free space for the subsequent insertion of the logos of collaborating organizations and companies, including the hashtag #soriaesigualdad
  • It is important to keep in mind that the chosen design of the poster is applied to very different advertising formats (roll up, billboard, mupis, buses, etc.), so the design must allow its horizontal and vertical adaptation to these formats, being equally identifiable as in the original format.
  • Only unpublished works that have not been presented at other festivals will be admitted to this competition. In the event that images or plagiarism of images from other authors or institutions have been used, the author will be solely responsible for any incident that may occur for these reasons, and the work will be removed immediately.
  • One of the challenges of the Soria City Council is to promote feminism in each of the departments, applying the gender perspective in the different projects in order to reverse the data that indicates that women continue to suffer invisibility, discrimination and violence. sexist To this end, a comprehensive plan has been implemented to help review the path taken in order to improve actions. In this sense, the Department of Youth, promoter of the contest for the creation of the poster that will constitute the image of the XXVI Edition of the “City of Soria” International Short Film Contest, joins the roadmap of the Sustainable Development Goals for implementation Goal 5 related to Gender Equality, because “gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but is one of the essential foundations for building a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.” For this reason, posters with signs of homophobia, racism, machismo, etc. are not allowed; nor with typical and/or stereotypical representations of women and/or the sexualization of women and their bodies.
  • Posters with stereotypical and/or topical local images (monuments, traditions) and/or cinema images such as popcorn, cinema seats, scissors, etc. will not be accepted either.
  • Those posters that do not meet the requirements set out in any of the previous points will be automatically eliminated.

For more information, visit certamen cortossoria.

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