Applications open for Deloitte Photo Grant

Deadline Date: June 30, 2024

Donor Name: Deloitte Foundation

Grant Size: $10,000 to $100,000

The Deloitte Foundation is seeking applications to provide concrete support for contemporary cultural production and serve as an observatory of the emerging art scene.

Founded in 2023, the Deloitte Photo Grant is positioned in the contemporary artistic panorama as one of the most important global awards dedicated to photography.

Photography plays a central and crucial role in the production of contemporary art.

Deloitte Photo Grant, under the artistic direction of Denis Curti, aims to stimulate social reflection and, based on intellectual awareness, foster the concept of Possibilities by awarding two grants with a combined cash contribution of €60,000.


  • A cash contribution of 20,000 euros to carry out your project.
  • Present your work to a jury of international experts.
  • A mention in the exhibition scheduled at Mudec in December 2024.
  • EAn exhibition on occasions of the third edition of the Grant.
  • Visibility in the press National and international travel and accommodation. in Milan offered by the Grant.


  • The concept of Possibilities invites them to reflect on the power of the choices that each of them, individually and as part of society and humanity as a whole, can make. As individuals, they are faced with an infinity of possibilities, some of which could change the course of the existence, defining the destiny. But humanity itself is a stage of infinite possibilities. Through the centuries, they have witnessed an endless expansion of the knowledge, the abilities, and the aspirations. However, with this growth also comes the weight of responsibilities and global challenges. 
  • The Open Call aims to encourage facing the panorama of possibilities for humankind as a whole, to encourage the choice to act, but also to relinquish, in order to shape a better, fairer, and more sustainable future. It is the task of photographers to urge them to reflect on the multiple directions that each of them could take in their own lives. On the other hand, each shot represents, in itself, an open window to a world of creative possibilities. Through the lens of cameras, it is possible to capture not only the visible reality but also the nuances of human imagination. Possibilities represent the freedom to interpret and tell stories through photographic art.


  • An open call to all photographers under the age of 35. Participants will submit an unpublished project idea related to the award theme Possibilities. Project content and cost are to be specified. The project may also be an ongoing one for which financial support is needed to be completed or further developed.
  • 10 referrers will select two projects each, unpublished, by authors from around the world to submit to the jury for a vote.

For more information, visit Deloitte Foundation.

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