BioArtAttack (2D) 2024 Competition

 Deadline Date: June 30, 2024

 Donor Name: Royal Society of Biology

 Grant Size: Less than $1000

The BioArtAttack (2D) 2024 (formerly the Nancy Rothwell Award) children’s 2D art drawing, painting and specimen drawing competition is now open for entries.

This 2024 competition is a drawing and painting competition for children to draw or paint their favourite animal, plant or fungi. The Nancy Rothwell Prize is a sub-category specifically for specimen drawings entered into this competition.


  • There are three age categories (7-11, 12-14, and 15-18) and for each age group prizes are awarded for:
    • a winner (£50 for the student) to be awarded to a young person from anywhere in the World
    • a winner of the new Nancy Rothwell Prize 2024 (£50 for the student) to be awarded as a specific named specimen drawing prize (The Nancy Rothwell Prize 2024) to recognise specimen drawing in schools and to highlight the benefits of combining art and science
  • All winners will be invited to an experience day at the Royal Veterinary College.


  • Entrants must enter the correct age category.
  • Each entrant may enter only one drawing for the award.
  • Images should be high resolution JPEG files that are no larger than 10MB in size. We encourage entrants to enter a scan of their painting, drawing or specimen drawing rather than a photograph. Entrants should keep hold of their original drawing as this may be requested at a later date.
  • Entrants must fill in all sections of the entry form.
  • Please read the competition’s full terms and conditions below before entering and submitting your drawing.
  • The Organiser of the competition is the Royal Society of Biology, 1 Naoroji Street, London, WC1X 0GB. The competition is open to anyone except those involved in its organisation, employees of the Royal Society of Biology and their immediate family, sponsors of the competition, judges and their immediate family.
  • The competition is free to enter and is open to Royal Society of Biology members and non-members from around the world. Entrants must not be professional artists. For the purposes of this competition, a professional artist will be considered to be someone who makes more than half their annual income from the sale of their drawings.
  • Entrants must be within the age range of the category at the time of the closing date (30th June 2024).
  • Entrants under 13 years of age must seek consent from a parent or guardian in order to take part in the competition. Details for the entrant’s parent or guardian will be requested when they submit their drawing. The Royal Society of Biology will contact the parent or guardian to confirm details of consent are correct.
  • Prior to submission, entrants must not have offered any of their entries for sale, been paid for any publication of their entries, or won or been runner-up in any other drawing or art competition with any of their entries.
  • At the time of submission, entrants must declare to the Organiser whether they have entered their drawings in any other competition. Such submissions will be accepted for entry in to the RSB BioArtAttack (2D) competition and for the Nancy Rothwell Prize at the judges’ discretion.
  • Individuals who have entered the RSB Nancy Rothwell Award in a previous year can enter again in 2024, however must declare in which year they had previously taken part and whether they had received an award. Previous winners of the RSB Nancy Rothwell Award cannot enter the competition again in the same age category.

For more information, visit Royal Society of Biology.

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