Nominations Open: TIAW – World of Difference Awards 2024

Deadline Date: June 28, 2024

 Donor Name: International Alliance for Women (TIAW)

 Grant Size: Not Available

Whether the candidate is working on a small scale in the developing world or making an impact at the top on the world’s biggest businesses: if your candidate is well known or an unsung heroine or hero, the International Alliance for Women (TIAW) wants you to tell them the stories of the people whose extraordinary achievements are furthering the economic empowerment of women.

The TIAW World of Difference Award recognises women, and men, whose efforts have advanced the economic empowerment of women locally, regionally or worldwide. Economic empowerment as defined by TIAW means contributing to the ability of women to earn a living or in some way directly contributing to the economic betterment of other women, as distinct from other worthy contributions that are not within the scope of these awards.

Award Categories

  • Individual (Women or Men)
  • Community
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Non-profit/NGO
  • Public service/government
  • Young Leaders (Under 25 Years of Age)
  • Corporate Organizations (Excluding Non-Profits/NGOS)


  • Please note that individuals cannot nominate themselves.
  • This year’s recipients will be announced at the Global Forum in Sydney, Australia on 21st October 2024.

For more information, visit TIAW.

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